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No Phear Will Be Rocking The Stage

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Time Zone International Records Releases Sophomore Album by Artist No Phear

Hailing from the Caribbean nation of Jamaica and raised in St. Ann parish and the Cayman Islands, No Phear fuses the cadence of traditional reggae/dancehall with his modern interpretation in I Stand Alone, his recently released full album, whose debut single and video “Zion’s Gate” premiered in January 2010.

Reggae/hip hop artist No Phear has released I Stand Alone, his sophomore album. I Stand Alone was released under the Time Zone International Records label and is a full length studio album. “Zion’s Gate”, its first single and video, have also been released and can be heard and viewed on No Phear’s website, and MySpace.

Native to Jamaica, No Phear has already experienced success as a reggae/hip hop artist. He can be heard on DJ Tsunami’s mixed tape Money Well Spent, Volume 3. His song “My Time” is featured on Lenox Lawrence’s compilation CD, Wine Riddim, and has received exposure in the European markets. “De Wah Dah”, a tune No Phear created for the Black Blingas, is in regular rotation in all of the Jamaican markets.

No Phear has collaborated with Phillip Smart, a producer who has worked with well-known reggae artists like Shaggy and Wayne Wonder. In addition, No Phear has opened for popular reggae artists, including Sean Paul, Beenie Man, and Elephant Man.

I Stand Alone is more than a common reggae album. What makes No Phear’s offering unique is his innovative combination of an old school vibe with a modern, urban finish. This fusion of styles makes No Phear’s music particularly appealing to contemporary audiences and reggae/dancehall enthusiasts.

No Phear is currently playing venues across the United States to promote I Stand Alone. To find out more about the artist and upcoming show dates, fans can visit No Phear’s website. I Stand Alone is available now on iTunes, Rhapsody, napster and Amazon.

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I Stand Alone CD Release Announced

Time Zone International Records is pleased to announce the newest release by reggae/hip hop recording artist No Phear, titled I Stand Alone. No Phear’s arrangements of reggae/dancehall songs are modern, urban and devotee–tested. I Stand Alone proves that reggae/dancehall music can be audacious and current to appeal to today’s listeners without taking away from its traditional value.

No Phear styled the album using hip hop tracks and sampling the talents of artists like Pink Bling, Super Shane and Notorious. He says, "I wanted the music to have a modern and unsparing edge that would appeal to a contemporary audience and still paid homage to the traditional Caribbean music of my roots.” The title of the CD comes from the song "I Stand Alone," a reworking of traditional dancehall elements with a signature No Phear twist.

The CD includes 16 reggae and dancehall songs that reflect a variety of moods for a wide range of listeners. No Phear’s primary goal is that his contemporary fan base will be entertained by the album’s beats, vocals and lyrics. Songs like "Mama Love" and "Eyez on Me" exemplify his original approach.

I Stand Alone is now available on iTunes, Rhapsody, napster and Amazon. Concurrent with the CD’s release, No Phear is taking his show on the road. Fans can visit No Phear’s website to watch for upcoming show dates and join his mailing list for regular No Phear updates.

About No Phear

No Phear predominantly grew up in Jamaica; but he did live in the Cayman Islands for a few years which exposed him to calypso, chutney, dub junkanoo as well as dancehall. No Phear first appeared on the reggae/dancehall scene in 1998 as a member of the Slata Crew, comprised of No Phear and three additional members who are also native Jamaicans. The Crew had a loyal fan base and enjoyed much success on the local reggae scene. As a solo artist No Phear has enjoyed a greater level of success, achieving much notoriety on the underground reggae scene. His creativity is uninhibited, and his true talents are undeniable. His raw lyrics and unique sound put No Phear in a class by himself.

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No Phear Releases Sophomore Album, I Stand Alone

The talented reggae/hip hop musician from Jamaica has released his anticipated sophomore album, a move which will thrill his fans around the world.

No Phear recently released his new album, marking a huge stage in the career of the versatile reggae/hip hop singer-songwriter. No Phear, who hails from St. Ann, Jamaica, has released his second solo project and is now promoting the album to build upon his fan base and introduce his music to more people than ever.

The album, I Stand Alone, consists of sixteen original songs from No Phear, each providing a combination of contemporary driving beats, resonant vocals and inspired lyrics. The rhythmic undercurrent bears testament to a modern interpretation of reggae, and the music is accentuated throughout with elements of dancehall and hip hop.

The album was recorded at Rockstar Entertainment & Music in New Jersey, and its creation was supported by musicians like Pink Bling, Super Shane and Notorious. It was produced collaboratively by No Phear, Showtime da Producer and T and was post-produced by T from High Stakes Records.

I Stand Alone reveals the array of influences that have found their way into No Phear’s music. While his grounding is in traditional reggae, his style has been shaped by other musical forms indigenous to the Caribbean. No Phear always brings something singular and fresh to a traditional sound. For this reason, his preference for unconventional beats has been enhanced by his ability to blend the essence of reggae/dancehall with a modern urban note flavored by rap and hip hop.

No Phear said of his work, “Since going solo, my style has developed, and I’ve incorporated other sounds and genres which have all made their way into I Stand Alone. The album is a reflection of my influences over the years and the changes that I’ve experienced as an artist.”

The album is available now on iTunes, Rhapsody, napster and Amazon; and fans are encouraged to visit No Phear’s website, which provides everything you could want to know about the promising musician: fans can check out No Phear’s brand new “Zion’s Gate” video, view photos, and sign up for the mailing list to receive information about upcoming shows and No Phear news. Fans are also invited to visit No Phear’s MySpace page and join up to be his friend on Facebook.

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No Phear new and hot video entitled Zions Gate

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